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I'm actually considering being a history major and my question is, is it worth it? I mean you're switching jobs, so I was wondering if it's a worthy pursuit.

Its not a very high demand career field, not in this economy anyway.

Do you know why African throwing knives have so many blades at weird angles? (sorry if I asked you twice; I'm not sure if the first one got through)

To increase the chances of sticking or slashing a person, especially when thrown against troops in rank and file.

I always thought East Germany was just a political entity forced on the Germans by the Soviets, but I've recently realized communism was pretty popular in Germany before WWII (Marx and Engels were German, after all) and the East had an aura of old nobility oppressing the poors/reactionary conservatism that would hint at Communism being popular among the working class. What do you think, was East Germany more natural than it seemed?

Communism was very popular in Germany Post World War I.  In fact there was a communist uprising that occurred after WWI called the Spartacist Uprising.  But I think communism was pretty much snuffed out in Germany with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s.

I don’t think East Germany was very natural considering they had to build a wall to keep people from escaping it.  Even then thousands of people ran machine guns and jumped out of tall buildings to escape to the west.  On the first day that Hungary removed its border restrictions in 1989 over 13,000 Germans left East Germany.

I remember I had a European History Professor in college who visited East Germany in 1989.  He said about how academics and higher ups always expressed to him how East Germany was a separate and independent country with its own unique language and culture.  Less than a year later it collapsed.

I was told by a friend there was an infamous "battle" sometime in history where one nation marched off to war with 50 soldiers and returned with 51, but I don't know the details or name of this event.

I can’t seem to recall anything about that, but I remember in 2007 the Swiss Army accidentally invaded Liechtenstein.  They were doing training maneuvers when 170 Swiss soldiers got lost and ended up wandering through the city.  They actually had to ask directions to find their way back.

During the age of black powder, were pistols rarer than other firearms? I have this perception for some reason.

Around the time of matchlocks and wheel-locks pistols were very rare.  By the age of flintlocks and percussion though they became more common.  Still they were not as numerous as long arms.  The reason being was that they were not very accurate or easy to fire as a long arm.  They had a very specific purpose, self-defense, warfare, or dueling.  A long gun can do most of that but at that same time has more utilitarian purposes, such as hunting and trapping, which can be important if you live in frontier regions. 

What exactly were the ruling powers in the Philippines before the Spanish Colonial period?

Before the Spanish there really were no ruling powers in the Philippines.  The island chain was a motley collection of indigenous tribes and city states.  Added to the mix were Chinese traders and various immigrants from India and Southeast Asia.  Also of course there was a wave of Muslim immigration during the Middle Ages.

are you a history major or just a history fanatic?

I am a history major.  Right now I am switching to healthcare in search of better job opportunities.  Note how a lot of my history posts are about health related topics.

why are you opposed to letting people know what you look like?

Someone once saw my face.  He is now in a coma.

New zeland history! I read someplace it was uninhabited up until a few hundred years ago.


Who is your favorite con artist?

Victor Lustig fraudulently “sold” the Eiffel Tower twice.  I don’t think any other confidence man or woman has topped that achievement.

In you're opinion, what is the single dumbest thing someone has done in history. (War Related)

In 1862 Union Gen. US Grant laid siege to the Confederate Fort Donelson.  The commander of the fort was Brig. Gen. Gideon Pillow.  His plan was to orchestrate a surprise attack against Union forces to open up a route which would break the siege.  His plan was successful, EXCEPT, right when his army accomplished the mission, he inexplicably surrendered to Grant.  Yes you heard it right, he surrendered despite being victorious. Imagine if the Soviets surrendered to the Germans after capturing Berlin. 

He then abandoned his men and escaped in a rowboat to avoid capture. Grant remarked of his escape to one of the captured Confederate officers, "if I had got him, I’d let him go again. He will do us more good commanding you fellows."

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I’d like to see more stuff from you that isn’t about Europeans and their ‘offspring’ though.

You’ve made Charles II sad.

Does anyone have any questions other than “how do you make a babby?”

Come on, you are communicating with a walking world history encyclopedia, surely you can do better than that!

What time period of World's History do you prefer?

I don’t know if I prefer any particular time period.  The type of history I generally prefer is that which is odd, weird, unusual, and off the beaten path.  Take a look through my archives and you will find lots of posts on quack medicine, weird historical medicine, bizarre events, superstitions, funny or ironic historical events, scams, frauds, trickery, unorthodox military tactics, etc. etc.

I also like history that deals with everyday life in that period.  For example, what foods people ate, what clothes they wore, what beliefs did they have, what did they do when they got sick, what types of jobs did they work, what were some social norms they thought was important, etc.