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The Evans Repeating Rifle

Invented by a dentist from Maine named Warren Evans, the Evans Repeating Rifle is a truly unique design. Like most other repeaters of the day, it was a lever action. What is especially unique about it is its magazine. The magazine used an “Archimedes Screw” type mechanism in the stock. When the lever was worked, the screw turned and fed a cartridge into the receiver. It was loaded from the butt and because of the screw design, it could hold a lot of ammo, thirty four rounds to be exact.

Despite its elegant looks and radical design, the Evans rifle had one flaw, it was very susceptible to dust. For this reason the US Army did not adopt it and most cowpokes out in the wild frontier did not want it. They were also heavy and uncomfortable to use. Despite its drawbacks it was a unique rifle loved by collectors, sportsmen, and hunters.

They were manufactured be Evans Arms Company from 1873-1879. Around 15,000 would be produced.

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