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The teat fire cartridge and revolver

Around the mid 1850’s Smith and Wesson held the pattents to the rimfire metallic cartridge.  Another gun designer, Daniel Moore, wanted to create a new revolver that used self contained metallic cartridges, but could not use rimfire cartridges without having to pay royalties to Smith and Wession.

As a result Daniel Moore invented the “teat fire” self contained metallic cartridge.  Unlike a rimfire, which has a rim containing a priming mixture, the teatfire has rounded end with a small “teat” containing priming mixture. When struck by the hammer the cartridge would discharge.  The cartridge also had its bullet completely encased within the cartridge. 

In 1864 Daniel Moore began production of his teatfire pocket revolver, a single action revolver chambered in .32 teatfire.  The pistol was very popular during the American Civil War and with the general public.  Production ended when Colt bought out the company in 1870.  About 30,000 were made.

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