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Lock, Stock, and History

The Ku Klux Klan’s conquest of Dominica —- Operation Red Dog, 1981.

Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous attempts to take over a country in the history of mankind, Operation Red Dog was a collaboration between a group of American Klansmen and Canadian Klansmen/Neo Nazi’s to invade and take over the small Caribbean Island of Dominica.  The reason for invading Dominica; to have a country where they could manufacture their hate gear merchandise at a significant discount (I kid you not).  

The plan was formulated when white supremacist leader David Duke introduced the American klansmen Mike Perdue to the Canadian klansmen Wolfgang Droege in 1979.  The two hit it off immediately and soon the pair formulated an ambitious plan to conquer a country so that Perdue could set up some lucrative businesses.  Immediately the group enlisted the help of financial backers, arms smugglers, and a motley assortment of white supremacist mercenaries.  By early 1981 the group was ready for the invasion.  Then things began to fall apart.

Originally the plan called for the invasion of Grenada instead of Dominica.  When Purdue announced that the invasion would occur in Dominica instead, most of Purdue’s “army” and financial backers decided to drop out of the operation.  What was left was eight men, including Perdue, Droege, and Don Black (creator of the white nationalist website stormfront).  Undeterred by the fact that they were reduced to a fighting force of 8 men, the plan to invade Dominica proceeded.

Unfortunately for them, the crew of the boat that they hired were very much deterred, and backed out in February.  In April the group approached Vietnam veteran and boat operator Captain Michael S. Howell, claiming that they were agents of the CIA who needed his boat for a covert operation.  Howell grew suspicious of his new clients, especially when they hung a Neo-Nazi flag from the side of his boat. He immediately contacted the authorities.

On April 27th, 1981 the group attempted to cast off for their audacious mission with 11 men, including 3 new recruits, as well as a cache of rifles, shotguns, pistols, automatic weapons, and dynamite.  They never even set sail as the new recruits were undercover ATF agents and police were waiting for them at the Marina.  The eight men were taken into custody, charged with violating the Neutrality Act, and each sentenced to three years in prison.  Operation Red Dog was a failure.  

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